NHGS Coast to Coast Cycle Ride

Forty NHGS students are cycling Coast to Coast to raise money to buy equipment and furnish the new sports hall.

Last year a group of 28 students rode from Morecambe to Bridlington and with your generous donations we managed to raise over £11,000. This year they are doing a different route which takes them further from home. They are to ride the 150 miles from St. Bee’s to Tynemouth.

To add to the challenge, the students will be self-sufficient and will carry their own gear and cook their own food on a single burner gas stove. The route takes them through the Lake District and they will encounter some big long hills. With a bike fully loaded with sleeping and cooking equipment and clothes they will find this trip tough. The students will need to show determination, grit and resilience to succeed.

Please show your support and make a donation to spur them on. The money will go into the new sports hall fund and will provide an amazing environment for the students to learn about health and fitness and play sport.